How to Clean Seashells


Polishing seashells is not an option for collectors since it will reduce its value. Polishing them will require the grinding of the shell’s outermost layer. Not only does this reduce the value of the shells but also, the process is quite messy. A better alternative to polishing is cleaning the seashells. You will only need some mineral oil and a bit of patience in order to do this. Cleaning, and not polishing your shells will bring out its natural beauty.

Cleaning Implements

Here are the things you will require to clean your seashells.

  • dishwashing liquid
  • liquid bleach
  • mineral oil
  • soft rags
  • silicone lubricants
  • bowls
  • soft toothbrushes
  • buckets
  • WD-40

Steps to Clean Sea Shells

The first step is to wash your seas shells using a garden hose. If you do not have space to do this or if you do not have a garden hose, you could also wash the shells in your kitchen sink. When you wash you shells, be sure to remove anything that still remains inside them. It will eventually smell if you forget to do so.

Thoroughly Clean the Insides

Use the following steps to thoroughly clean seashells and ensure that nothing is left of its former inhabitants.

Use a container / bucket to immerse the entire shells. Fill half the container with water and the other half with the liquid household bleach. Soak your seashells in this solution for about 24 hours. This will help remove anything that is left inside the shells.

Finishing Touches

Once all the dirt and other substances have been removed from the shell’s insides, rinse your shells thoroughly using running water. Using an old soft toothbrush, gently scrub the shells as you rinse. Use mild dishwashing soap to ensure that the shell is completely clean.

Once you have rinsed the shells thoroughly, allow them to dry. When they have dried out completely, apply mineral oil all over the shells using a soft rag. Let the shell soak the mineral oil for a few hours. After this, wipe off any excess oil on the surface of your seashells and enjoy its natural beauty.

Tips on How to Clean Sea Shells

Keep the following tips also in mind while cleaning your seashells.

  • Take note that not all shells will require polishing since they maybe blessed with a natural shine.
  • Never use vegetable oil on your seashells. You may use silicone spray or WD-40 on your shells instead of mineral oil. If you do use these, take note that you do not need to wipe the shells after spraying.