How to Clean a Fiberglass Tub


A bathroom can look much better if the different parts are clean including the toilet bowl, the floor as well as the tub. Aside from the toilet bowl and the shower head, your fiberglass tub is also one of the most used fixtures inside the bathroom. For this reason, it can accumulate dirt easily. After longer time without cleaning, the tub can become slimy, which can cause accidents. In order to prevent these undesirable things from happening, it is good to know how to clean a fiberglass tub.

Materials Needed

Before you can start doing this moderately easy job, you need to gather a number of important items and materials. To wipe off dirt and slime, bring in a nice clean piece of rag or sponge. In addition, prepare scouring pad and soft abrasive cleaner to help eliminate stubborn dirt. To help restore the shine of your dingy and dull tub, get a car wax. With all these items available, you can start this task with the help of these following procedures.


Clean your bathtub thoroughly. Try to remove simple dirt and molds that are starting to develop. Do not use just any type of cleaner. Instead, use a soft abrasive cleaner in order to prevent scratching and damages to your tub. Be sure to clean all the different parts of tub. For hard-to-remove dirt, use a mild scouring pad together with the cleaner to take it out completely. Rinse it thoroughly until there are no traces of cleaner left.

Next thing on your list is to dry the tub. Get a clean rag and the dry it completely including the wet spots at the sides as well as the bottom part. Get your car wax and then read the instructions behind the container. Slowly apply the wax right onto the tub. Start with one particular part before moving on to the other parts.

However, do not put wax at the bottom part for safety purposes. Wax is a slippery substance, especially when wet. Applying it at the bottom could lead to accidental slipping, which could then result in severe injuries to various parts of the head and body. Instead, concentrate on the lip as well as the sides of the tub. After application, buff the wax for added shine.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

There is no need to wax the bottom part of the tub. To help withdraw attention from this part, put non-slip adhesive pads or a nice shower mat. To retain the shine of the tub especially after use, it is best to dry the inner part of the tub with a clean cloth or rag. Before applying the wax, read the instructions well first and check if the item is suitable for your tub.