How to Clean a Mattress


Have you been sleeping on the same mattress for years without cleaning it because you don’t know how to clean a mattress? Why should you bother learning how to clean a mattress the right way?

Some people have the same problems as you. They sleep continuously on a mattress that is actually very dirty because they are not sure how to clean a mattress. Sure, there are times when it doesn’t even look dirty enough to warrant a good cleaning. But do you know that there are many dust mites that may have made your mattress a home?

What’s more, there are times when sneezing and other forms of allergies are caused by dust mites and different allergens. So, why do you need to face these things? Why risk your health when you can simply learn how to clean a mattress and be more content and healthy?

Don’t know where to start?

Well, if you would take the time, you would see that learning how to clean a mattress isn’t such a tedious task after all. To get you started, here are some tips to care for your mattress and prevent those allergens from making it their second home:

One good tip is to cover your mattress. This would help protect it from gathering dust and other forms of dirt. To make it easier on you, be sure that the cover you choose would be easy to remove and replace with a new one every now and then.

Another easy tip to follow to ensure the cleanliness of your mattress is to vacuum your mattress. Most people have probably known how difficult and tiresome it would be to remove dust, dust mites, dander and other forms of dirt in your mattress. So, save yourself the trouble and vacuum it frequently.

Another handy tip to follow in learning how to clean a mattress is to shampoo your mattress. That’s right. Give it a good upholstery shampoo especially if the mattress gets really soiled or dirty.

If you don’t have one, you can make your own cleaning formula at home by mixing a mild detergent powder with water. Mix it well until soap suds appear and use only the dry suds in wiping the dirty areas with a sponge. Be sure that you don’t get the interior padding of the mattress wet.Then, wipe with another sponge dipped in warm water. Dry your mattress by using a fan. Or, if it’s sunny outside, you can bring your mattress out to dry.

So learn how to clean a mattress with these tips. In the long run, you would see that it is more convenient and good for your health.