How to Clean a Scorched Iron


Ironing is a regular part of  our everyday routine and one of the annoying problems we frequently encounter is that of a scorched iron. This problem is quite challenging as it could ruin your clothes and fabrics. Help restore the performance of your iron and enjoy neat-looking clothes by learning how to clean a scorched iron.

Materials Required to Clean a Scorched Iron

Let us first look at the materials required to do this task.

  • several pieces of clean cloth
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • a stove
  • a pan

Steps For Cleaning a Scorched Iron

Removing scorch marks on the soleplate of the iron is very easy. Set your stove on low-heat. Put the pan on top of it and then pour in equal amounts of salt and vinegar. Heat them continuously until they turn into a paste. Use this simple mixture by rubbing it right onto the soleplate. Of course, make sure that the iron is unplugged before cleaning it. After rubbing the mixture, get a nice, clean cloth and then, wipe the unsightly scorch marks off your iron.

Other Methods to Clean a Scorched Iron

For people who barely have the time to do this task, they can also use the following simple, quick fix solutions to solve the problem.

  • Buy distilled vinegar and then rub it on the affected areas. After that, use a clean cloth to wipe away the dirt and stains.
  • Use a mild detergent and a piece of clean cloth to get the job done for an iron with a non-stick soleplate. To do this, get a cup of water and then put a drop of detergent in the water. Moisten the cloth with the solution and then rub it right onto the plate of the iron. Then, use a clean cloth or any kind of towel to dry it off completely.
  • In case the iron has a non-coated plate, you can conveniently use a metal polish. Take a  clean cloth and add drops of metal polish on it. Gently rub the plate with the cloth. Repeat the process until the scorched plate is free from the dirt and unsightly stains.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

To ensure your safety, never forget to unplug the iron first before cleaning. This will prevent electric shock. In addition, prevent burns and other untoward incidents by letting the iron cool, prior to cleaning. After cleaning the scorched iron, it is very important to wipe the iron completely dry before using it once again.