How to Clean a DVD Player


If you’re cleaning the DVD player, the proper methods must be used. Using the incorrect materials could cause the unit to malfunction.

Required Tools and Materials

Q tips
Air duster
Rubbing alcohol
Lubricant (3 in 1)
Cleaning disc

Unplugging the Unit

Turn off the player and disconnect the unit from the TV. Put the player on a separate desk. Use the air duster to get rid of the dust. If possible, open the drawer. This should help you get rid of the dust inside the unit.

Insert the Cleaning Disc

Put the cleaning disc in the drive. When it’s finished, remove the disc and try the player. If it doesn’t work, you must continue cleaning the DVD player. The next step would be to disassemble the player.

Note: the following steps could damage the unit if not done correctly. Opening the screws would mean having to put it back togetehr again. If you don’t want to do this, take the player to the repair shop

Disassembling the Disc

Find the screw holes. Take out only enough screws to take out the bottom casing. Remove the dust and particles inside the unit. Be careful you don’t pull off any wiring. Use the air duster only when you have removed the heavy dust particles. Don’t shake the duster; just spray it straight into the unit.

Using the Q Tips

Put some alcohol on the Q tip to continue cleaning the DVD player. Place the Q tip on the laser and clean it. Use the Q tips on the rails if necessary. Don’t use the Q tip on the wiring or circuits. Give it a minute to dry.

Using the 3 in 1 Lubricant

When the alcohol has dried, get another Q tip. Put a little bit of 3 and 1 on it. This Q tip can be used to clean the rails, belts and other gears. Don’t use it on the laser or the circuit boards. Give it a couple of minutes to dry.

Reassemble the Player

Put the screws back in place. You’re done cleaning the DVD player. Some like to use the cleaning disc again, but that probably isn’t necessary. Put a DVD disc in the player. It should run smoothly now.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when using the Q tips. The wirings and circuits are very sensitive; if they get wet it could destroy the whole unit. Don’t use any chemical other than alcohol and 3 in 1 lubricant.

Don’t use 3 in 1 mineral oil; it will damage the unit. If you have the slightest doubt of your ability to put the unit together again, do not open it.

Use the air duster at least once a month. This will keep the dust from accumulating. Only apply a moderate amount of alcohol and lubricant on the Q tip. Too much will take too long to dry up.

There’s no need to pay a professional for cleaning the DVD player. As has been made clear, this is something you can do all on your own.