How to Clean a DVD


The manner of cleaning a DVD disc or player determines how long the devices will last. Here are the essential dos and don’ts.

Taking Care of the DVD Player

There are basically two options: the wet and dry option. Both involve the use of cleaning discs. These discs can be purchased in stores. The instructions may vary, but basically, this is how it goes. Take the disc out of the case. Open the DVD player and insert the disc.

If the player doesn’t start automatically, press play. Usually the disc will start the cleaning process. This may take a couple of minutes. If there are other instructions onscreen, just follow them.

The wet method involved for cleaning a DVD is very similar. You buy the disc, which comes with a bottle of cleaning liquid. You put a drop of the liquid on the brush in the disc and insert in the player. Let it run for a couple of minutes or whatever the user guide says.

Note: cleaning the player too often might damage the unit. The cleaning utility should tell you how often this can be done. Usually it is once a month or every couple of months. Of course you should try cleaning whenever the disc skips or displays a poor picture.

Cleaning a DVD Disc

If there is dust, use a piece of tissue or soft cloth. Put a finger in the middle of the DVD disc and hold the outer edge with your thumb. Never touch the shiny part with your hands.

Wipe the disc starting from the inside to the outside. The disc must be wiped in a straight line. This cleaning technique must be used at all times. Do not wipe in a circular motion. This will not remove the dirt from the disc. Avoid cleaning too roughly as the disc might snap.

For greasy and sticky discs, pour some baby shampoo in a bowl of lukewarm water. Mix it. Dip a piece of soft cloth into the mix. Wipe the disc in the manner described earlier. Allow the disc to dry before replacing it in the case.

How to Remove Fingerprints from Discs

Dip a piece of cloth or cotton into some alcohol. When cleaning a DVD disc, never use petroleum based chemicals. If this doesn’t work, soak the cloth in mineral water. Don’t use tap water; these contain chemicals that might damage the disc.

Tips and Warnings

There are many cleaners available in stores. Read some reviews before buying any of them. Some of these products may be too strong and damage the disc.

If the DVD disc has scratches, back them up. The time may come when the disc will stop working, so make a backup copy. You might also apply some toothpaste on the disc to try and get rid of the scratches.

If you value your disc collections, knowing the ways of cleaning a DVD player and discs will be essential. By properly maintaining and caring for the discs, you can make them last for years.