How to Clean a Coffee Pot


Drinking coffee is part of the daily routine of many individuals. To make such important beverage, people need durable, reliable and clean coffee pots. For those who wish to enjoy great tasting brewed coffee, it is good to use any of the major types of coffee pots including electric coffee maker, drip coffee maker as well as coffee percolator. No matter how tough these kitchen instruments are, they are still susceptible to wear and tear, particularly when not maintained properly. Enjoy good quality and great-tasting beverages by knowing how to clean a coffee pot.

Materials Needed

Almost anyone can do this easy task. When cleaning your coffee pot, prepare the ice cubes first. After that, prepare significant amounts of salt, which can actually help in the proper cleaning of such important kitchen instrument. These easy-to-find materials are guaranteed to remove stains from the pot as well as take out odor. When these materials are available, follow these quick and easy steps and be able to enjoy great-tasting coffee anytime you want.


If you want to clean your coffee pot, make it sure that it is unplugged from the electrical socket. Do this important step to ensure the safety of everyone. Remove the pot from the machine. Place some salt inside, just enough to cover its bottom part. Prepare at least three to four pieces of ice cubes. Put them inside the pot as well. Close the pot by putting the lid on top of it. You can also place a plastic wrap right under the lid to ensure mess-free results.

With the pot held by both hands, shake it slowly but surely. In order to achieve the best results, shake it using a circular motion. This will allow the ice cubes to move all throughout the pot including the bottom part. After some time, apply a more rapid centrifugal force. This step will help clean the pot, particularly the sides. Shake the pot continuously until all of its parts are very clean.

After all the ice cubes melt, pour the liquid out. Leave only a small amount of liquid inside. Use it to rinse the pot. In case there are more stains left inside, simply repeat these steps until the desired results are achieved. When the coffee pot is clean, it is much easier to make great-tasting coffee. In addition, a clean pot does not affect the rich taste and pleasant aroma of freshly brewed coffee. More importantly, you can enjoy flavor-rich coffee anytime of the day.