How to Clean a Terrazo Floor


Primarily used as a counter-topping material or faux-marble flooring, many people like to use terrazzo on their floors because of a number of benefits. These include less susceptibility to cracking, higher strength and faster installation. Furthermore, it has high aesthetic value especially when stain-free and well maintained. Keep the floor spotless most of the time by learning how to clean a terrazzo floor.

Materials Needed

Before you can learn how to clean a terrazzo floor, you need a number of materials. These include a mop for sweeping the dust as well as water for washing away the dirt. In addition, prepare a buffing machine, a floor cleaner and a floor sealer. Furthermore, buy a wax-stripping product in order to achieve the best results possible. With these items at hand, you can start with this moderately easy task by following these simple steps.


Find a wax-stripping product, preferable one that is specifically designed for terrazzo floors. Use it to clean the floor. Removing wax is very easy especially when you follow the directions carefully. After that, use water to wash off the traces and residues of the wax-stripping product. Dry the floor right away. Apply the terrazzo floor sealer. Doing this can actually protect the floor from unsightly stains. After applying the sealer, let it dry completely. Do not apply too much as one thin coat is enough to get the job done.

While doing this, be sure to keep the dust away from the flooring. The abrasive quality of dust can cause scratches on the surface. For this reason, it is important to sweep the floor regularly. You can use a dust mop, a broom or a vacuum. When choosing a floor cleaner, get one that has a neutral pH. In a container, combine 3 gallons of water with a cup of cleaner. Apply the mixture on the floor and then let it stand for several minutes. Rinse off the mixture with the help of a mop dipped in clean water. Rinse the floor thoroughly until no mop lines are visible. Once the floor is mopped entirely, prepare the buffing machine and then use it on the floor.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

In case no buffer is available, just skip this particular step. In case of spills, wipe and dry them immediately. Do not leave spills too long on the floor because they have greater chance to stain the terrazzo after permeating right through the sealer. Never use oily substances, mixtures or solutions on the floor because they can actually permeate right through the sealer. Furthermore, these materials can stain the flooring.