How to Clean Antique Bronze


There are many ways for cleaning antique bronze. The method will depend on the amount of dirt that has built up.

Removing Dust

For dust, you can use any piece of clean cloth. If the dust is extensive, try a vacuum cleaner. Use a nozzle connector with the brush. This should get rid of a lot of the dust. For dust in crevices and deep parts, you can use a toothbrush.

Removing Grime

Get a small bowl and mix water and soap in it. Use distilled water and mild soap. Dip a piece of cloth and wipe off the dirt. You may need to repeat this process to get rid of all the grime. If you are cleaning antique bronze, look at the crack areas. A lot of the grime gets stuck there.

Removing Corrosion

Grime and deteriorated oils will lead to corrosion. Apply solvent on the area. After it dissipates, wipe away any dust left. Damp cloth can also be used to get rid of the dirt.

Cleaning with Polishes

There are many polishing materials you can use. These are usually mixed with mineral spirits. Follow all the instructions before using them. Do not apply this technique on copper antiques. This will discolor copper and cause permanent damage.

When cleaning antique bronze with polishing, use mild abrasives. Avoid those that have hydrochloric and / or sulfur acid.


Be careful when using scrapers. These can eliminate a lot of grime, but it can also damage the antique. Use this method with caution. It’s best if you try this technique first with another piece before trying it on the antique. Do not use this technique if you’re not sure how to do it.

Using Salt and Vinegar

Get the following ingredients:

  • Container for the bronze antique;
  • Cloth;
  • Stove;
  • Salt, vinegar, and flour;
  • Chamois leather.


Combine a teaspoon of flour, vinegar and salt. When the paste has formed, put it over the affected area. Apply it uniformly. Wash it with warm water. Dry it off with chamois cloth or leather.

A variation of this method for cleaning antique bronze is to boil water on the stove. Put the bronze there for a few minutes. Take it off and wipe it with wet cloth with soap. Gently remove all the stains and marks you see.

Tips and Warnings

There are several commercially available polishes in stores. Be careful when using these items. Incorrect usage will make the bronze look too shiny and artificial.

Your goal should be to remove the dirt and restore its original color. Do not make any attempt to add to its luster. This may affect the value of the item.

If the dirt won’t come off, consider taking it to an expert. Do not use any excessive amounts of polishing; this will ruin the product and make it harder to clean and restore later on.

Using the wrong methods of cleaning antique bronze will lead to further deterioration and corrosion. But if you use the right processes, restoring the antique to its former glory will be attainable.