How to Clean a Patio Umbrella


Because patio umbrellas are exposed constantly to outside factors such as heat, dirt and other elements, it is little surprise that these important fixtures can become quite dirty. All you need to know now is how to clean and maintain them properly. This is a moderately easy job at hand, especially when equipped with the right materials and information. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable time outside by learning how to clean your patio umbrella.

Materials Needed to Clean a Patio Umbrella

To accomplish this moderately easy task, you only need some important tools and materials.

  • First, you will need to get a bucket.
  • Second, get a hose to make the cleaning process easier.
  • Third, prepare a dependable mild detergent for the removal of stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Fourth, find an old blanket that can be used as protective surface to prevent the umbrella from touching the ground.

Once you have these things, simply follow these quick and easy steps.

Steps to Clean Patio Umbrella

Before cleaning the patio umbrella, you need to create a protective surface where you can lay it down. For this, you can use an old blanket. If none is available, you can use other alternatives such as a tarp or a bunch of worn out towels. The protective surface must be bigger than the umbrella to guarantee that no part of it touches the ground.

Once the protective surface is set, open the umbrella and then place it at the top of the old blanket. Attach the hose to a reliable water source and then try to wet the umbrella. If no hose is available, use a bucket instead to wet the umbrella. Having a second person to assist can really make this task much easier. Ask that individual to hold the umbrella in order to avoid it from rolling off from the protective surface.

Get the bucket and fill it with warm, clean water. Put in some mild detergent, preferably a laundry detergent or dishwashing soap. The next thing to do is to scrub the umbrella. To do this, use a soft sponge or cloth. Dip the fabric right into the soap solution and then, use it to scrub the dirt off the umbrella. For stubborn stains and dirt, it is advisable to put your free hand at the opposite side of the part that you are brushing.

After scrubbing, get some clean water and then rinse off the soap until there are no more residues of soap left. Once the umbrella is entirely clean, let it stand under direct sunlight and wait for it to dry.