How to Clean Laminate Floors


Laminate material serves as good flooring because of several advantages. Instead of using hard surface products, this type of floor material looks good, does not fade and highly resistant against stains. In addition, it takes longer periods before wear and tear can take their toll on such durable kind of flooring. More importantly, it is dent-resistant, water-resistant and very durable. However, there is still a chance for it to acquire stubborn dirt and stains. To solve these problems, it is good to know how to clean laminate floors.

Materials Needed

This task may be easy, but several materials and tools are needed to get it done right. Some of the important items to accomplish this job are oil soap, towels and vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum cleaner is unavailable, it is possible to use a broom instead. Additionally, prepare other necessary things like a bucket, warm water and mop. Once you have these items, you are well equipped to clean this particular type of special flooring with the help of these following steps.


Vacuum or sweep the entire laminate flooring. Likewise, it is also good to clean the baseboards. Collect the dust and dirt particles and then throw them away in the garbage. Get the bucket and use it to mix 2-tablespoons of oil soap with a gallon of warm water. If you want, you can provide the room with a highly pleasant smell by adding at least 10 drops of any scented oil available. Do not put excessive amounts because too much oil has certain negative effects on this type of flooring.

Get the mop and then use it systematically. Start mopping from the farthest left corner of the house and then slowly move your way across. While doing this, frequently rinse the mop. Never rush this step. Instead, do it slowly by surely. Never apply too much water on the floor because excess liquid can work its way through cracks in between the floorboards.

Once the water becomes dirty, empty the bucket and then fill it once again with clean and warm water. This step is very important because dirty water can do no good to your laminate floors. Once you finished mopping, get the dry towel and use it to take out wet spots on the floor. It can also help absorb excessive amounts of scented oil. Use a scrub sponge to eliminate stubborn dirt and stains. Clean the floors regularly for a nicer and more conducive living environment.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

In case there is no oil soap available, it is possible to add at least a tablespoon of dishwashing soap. Do not use too much water when cleaning because excessive liquid can be trapped somewhere within the spaces of the floor.