How to Clean a Green Swimming Pool


A swimming pool is supposed to be a place where people can relax, enjoy and have fun. However, these pleasurable things are not possible if the pool is dirty. One of the clear indications of an unclean pool is green-colored water, which indicates the presence of algae. People love to swim in a pool that is refreshingly cold and clean. Make your pool more inviting by learning how to clean a green swimming pool.

Materials Needed

To start this moderately challenging task, gather the important materials first. These include chlorine, pool chemical test kit and algaecide. At the same time, cleaning a green and slimy pool also requires the use of a manual or robotic pool vacuum, a wire bristle pool brush and the so-called Superblue Pool Treatment.


When the materials needed for this job is complete, you can now start cleaning. The first thing you need to do is kill the algae. Pour in some algaecide to treat the greenish water. When this substance is applied, the green color will turn into orange brown color. This indicates that the algae are dead. Next, measure the green pool water’s combined chlorine content. This important step can actually help determine the volume of organic matter in the pool. The combined chlorine measurement is important in calculating the pool’s breakpoint chlorination value.

To kill the algae, pour in sufficient amounts of chlorine into the pool until it reaches breakpoint chlorination. Use the pool chemical test kit to measure the levels of chlorine in the pool. Apply Flock-Out, which is a special product designed to make floating algae sink at the bottom part of the pool. Leave the treatment for at least 24 hours in order to achieve optimum results. After that period, it is good to remove the dead algae.

To remove dead algae that settled at the sides of the swimming pool, scrub them using a wire bristle pool brush. For algae that settled at the bottom part, use the pool vacuum. Repeat the vacuuming of the pool for about two to three times until the desired results are achieved. To make the water sparklingly and stunningly blue, simply add the so-called Superblue Pool Treatment.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

After achieving breakpoint chlorination and applying algaecide, it is good to adjust the alkalinity and pH levels of the water. To prevent the re-development of green-colored water, apply algaecide maintenance treatments on a regular basis. When handling chemicals, it is best to use safety equipment like gloves and goggles. Be sure that these pets and children are from these hazardous substances.