How to Clean Suede


Many people love to wear clothes made out of suede fabric. They just cannot resist the cuddly, soft and warm feeling associated with this kind of material. However, cleaning it poses a number of challenges. Add to that, seeking the help of professional services is somewhat expensive. Instead of spending on such costly services, it is good to learn on your own how to clean suede.

Materials Needed

To get this easy task done, you first need to gather several materials. Be sure to get a suede brush, white vinegar and leather protection spray. In addition, prepare a washcloth, a leather cleaning kit as well as paper towels. When these items are ready, you can now start cleaning items made from suede such as clothes, shoes and jackets. Furthermore, the following steps are also applicable to bags, upholstery and many other accessories.


In order to restore the beauty of suede, use a nice soft towel and then rub the material gently. For dry stains and other unwanted marks, get a pencil eraser and then rub the affected areas slowly but surely. In case of wet stains, use paper towel and allow it to absorb the liquid. Never use stain removers and other products of the same nature because they can somehow affect the quality of the material. Additionally, these substances can also affect the cleaning process. To achieve a highly desirable result, it is good to use a suede brush for cleaning.

In case of suede shoes, moisten a washcloth and then add a little amount of vinegar. Rub it gently on the shoes. After that, let them dry. When dealing with stains and stubborn dirt, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of professionals. It is always a good option considering that these people know a lot especially when dealing with suede. For those who are quite unsure about the result of do-it-yourself work, this is always one of the top options available.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Before using items and products that are made out of suede, it is advisable to treat them first using a leather protection spray. Suede garments and leather must be cleaned professionally at least every couple of years. To avoid inconvenience, have them cleaned during the season when you cannot use them. By doing this, they are ready by the time you need them. When you treat suede shoes with the simple vinegar solution that was mentioned above, expect them to have a relatively mild smell and odor, especially right after cleaning.