How to Clean Windows


People can live comfortably if their homes are clean. They can do this by cleaning everything inside including the various rooms, kitchens as well as the windows. Properly maintained windows can actually lead to better air circulation. This particular task is moderately easy. In order to have homes that are truly comfortable and convenient, it is best to learn how to clean windows.

Materials Needed

To get this job done, there are only few materials needed. These include a chalkboard eraser, newspaper and spray bottle. Likewise, prepare water and white vinegar. When all these are available, you can now begin with the following simple steps.


It is advisable to clean windows during nighttime. This will prevent the occurrence of unexpected spots or streaks, especially right after cleaning. Get a newspaper, preferably one that is printed in black and white. Combine 3-parts of cool water with a part of white vinegar. Place the mixture inside the spray bottle. Get a liquid dish detergent and then add a number of drops to the mixture. Making this move will actually help eliminate residues of previously used chemical products.

After that, spray significant amounts of the solution directly onto the windows. Crumple a newspaper and then drench it with the mixture. Use the newspaper to wipe down the window. Thereafter, get another piece of newspaper. This will also help prevent the appearance of streaks on the windows. To add more shine, get a new dry chalkboard eraser and then use it right on the newly cleaned windows.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Your house will definitely look better if the windows are clean. More importantly, it can also lead to better air circulation inside because the windows are now free from dust and dirt. Be sure to clean your windows at home on a regular basis. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt, which is harder and more challenging to remove. If the windows are cleaned regularly, the subsequent cleanings do not need liquid dish detergent anymore as there are no more traces of chemicals and the dirt is still loose.

Aside from house windows, these simple and easy-to-follow steps are also applicable to car windows and windshields. After cleaning the windows, it is good to clean the entire house as well. People can easily notice the cleanliness and beauty of your newly cleaned windows if the entire house is also clean. By knowing how to clean windows, people can save more money instead of spending it for professional services.