How to Clean Anything


Here are a few general cleaning tips you will find useful. By keeping your stuff tidy, you’ll keep these gadgets working and the furniture looking brand new.

Gadgets and Computers

For most electronic products, you can use a soft clean cloth. For DVD players and other electronics, you can use a lightly damp cloth on the main body if there are stains. However you shouldn’t use any strong chemicals as this could damage the unit.

Electronics require special liquid cleaning solutions for the internal parts. You can buy these at stores. Follow the directions for using them.

Jewelry and Precious Stones

Here are a few cleaning tips for buffing silver. Apply the polishing solution to a piece of dry cloth. Dab the jewelry in an up and down motion. The tarnish should disappear. Allow it to dry.

Some cleaning solutions necessitate the jewelry to be soaked in it. Keep it in the mixture for the exact specified duration.

Note: silver cleaning dips do not work for gold and gemstones, and vice versa. Do not interchange these cleaning solutions.

Dust and Dirt

These usually build up in windows, corners and around old boxes. Start by taking out all those old boxes and dust them off. For windows, you can use a damp cloth. For very dirty ones, add some detergent to the water. Mix them and wipe the windows.

Another idea is to use a hose. Go outside and just point the hose at the windows. For additional cleaning, use a sponge to get rid of any leftover dirt and dust.

Other Cleaning Tips

Chairs and tables can be cleaned with any soft cloth. Use a wet cloth only if the dirt is excessive. For the floor, you can scrub it. If there’s a lot of dirt get a bucket of water and wipe it. Move the furniture aside so there will be no obstructions in your way.

For toys, fill a large bowl with water and just put everything there. You may use a rag or cloth to dry them off and get rid of any persistent grime. If they aren’t so sullied, just dust them off.

For plates and glasses, wash it under running water. Get a sponge and dab it with a bit of detergent or cleaning liquid. Wipe the plate. Wash it thoroughly and let it dry. Rinse the sponge before using it on another plate.


Shutting down the appliance first is an important cleaning tip. If it just rained, pull off the electrical chord from the socket; it might still be wet and be dangerous. Wait for the floor to dry completely before rearranging the furniture to avoid accidents.

Wear a mask when dusting so you don’t inhale the dirt. If possible, put on some goggles or eyewear to shield your eyes. Make sure people with asthmas or allergies are nowhere near the cleaning area. Change the water you use when cleaning furniture and appliances after it starts to get murky.

Nothing adds sparkle to your home than clean items and furnishings. With these cleaning tips, you can keep the house dirt free and cozy.