How to Clean Granite


Granite is a good construction material known for its beautiful appearance and durability. Today, it is widely used as primary material for making countertops and floors. Despite its unique and beautiful appearance, it is likely to develop unsightly stains, dirt buildup and discoloration, especially after longer periods without cleaning and maintenance. Here are some helpful tips and information on how to clean granite.

Materials Needed

If you plan to do this moderately easy task, you need a number of important tools and materials. Some of them include a soft clean cloth, a rag mop and a dust mop. Furthermore, you also need to have a bucket, paper towels and a mild dish detergent. To make the cleaning process much easier, prepare hot water. After gathering these items, you can now proceed with the following steps.


To clean granite floors, use the dry dust mop first. This will help you remove dirt, which can actually cause scratches. Next, prepare a bucket full of hot water. Put in some mild dish detergent to form soapy water for a more efficient cleaning. After that, dip the rag mop into the mixture and then use it to sweep the floor. Wring out water from the mop right before using it to sweep the floor.

Start mopping at the corners and then slowly make your way towards the middle parts of the floor. When the floor is clean, throw the dirty water from the bucket. Rinse the bucket and the mop after use. After that, fill the bucket once again, this time with hot clean water. Soak the mop and then wring out before using it to sweep the floor. Be sure to rinse out the soapy mixture from the floor. Frequent rinsing is necessary.

After these steps, it is time to dry the floor completely. Get the dry rag mop and then run it over the floor. This will actually help dry the floor. Never walk through the floor while wet.

To clean a granite countertop, soak a soft clean cloth in hot water. Put some mild dish detergent on it and then squeeze. Use it on grease spots and spills. Regular rinsing of the cloth is needed to keep it clean. Right after every rinse, squeeze in some dish detergent. Use circular motion while rubbing the cloth over the countertop. Rub more on areas with grease and dirt.

Wash the cloth thoroughly until the soap is completely rinsed out of it. When the cloth is soap-free, use it once or twice more over the countertop to remove remaining soap residue. Once it is squeaky clean, dry it using a soft clean cloth or paper towels.