How to Clean a Fish Tank


Fish tanks are pleasing to the eyes especially if they are clean. Likewise, clean water is a healthier and happier environment for fishes, which are considered generally as highly sensitive animals. Make life more pleasant for you and for your pets by learning how to clean a fish tank.

Materials Needed

To do this moderately challenging task, you need algae scraper, chlorine and paper towels. Likewise, you must also have a fish net, a filter media and a container to house the fishes temporarily. Additional materials needed for this job include a bucket, a siphon and a bowl.


Remove all electrical appliances from the plug including all that are connected to the fish tank such as the water heater, aeration and filter. Take the top fixture off the tank and then clean it using paper towels and clean water. Get the bowl and then use it to scoop water out of the tank. Transfer the water to a container that can temporarily house the fishes while the tank is being cleaned. Use the fish net to transfer the fishes safely.

Use the algae scraper to clean the inner walls of the fish tank. Scrub them thoroughly until all the dirt and slime are removed. Remove the decorations, artificial rocks and rocks. These are spots where dirt usually resides. Wash the dirt off by placing them under running water. After that, let them dry. Get the siphon then use it to clean the gravel. Use it to clean the bottom part of the tank as well. When siphoning, it is good to remove about 50 to 70 percent of dirty water.

Take out the filter and then rinse with water. Get a bucket and then use it to fill the tank with clean water. Purchase chlorine from the nearest pet store and then pour significant amounts in the water. This important step is important especially in eliminating harmful chemicals that can inflict damages to fishes. Put back the clean decorations, artificial plants and rocks to improve the way your fish tank looks. It is also safe to return and plug in the electrical appliances.

Replace the filter media and filter with new ones. Set the filter and then allow it to run for at least an hour. Doing this can actually minimize the stress as well as normalize the temperature of water. Use clean water and paper towels to clean and dry the outer parts of the tank.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

It is advisable to clean the fish tank at least once a week to maintain a healthy environment for your fishes. While holding the fishes in temporary containers, be sure to provide them with sufficient aeration. Visit your major pet stores and buy freshwater clarifier to treat cloudy water.