How to Clean a Fur Coat


Fur is a common material used in making different types of clothing including dresses, skirts and coats. A fur coat provides people with a classy, elegant and beautiful look. Furthermore, it is also very comfortable to wear. This type of coat is featured commonly in fashion shows and other important glamour events. Although it is a highly fashionable item, it can be a tricky and challenging thing to maintain. In order to enjoy fully the comfort and convenience that this type of clothing provides, it is good to know how to clean a fur coat.


This task is moderately challenging. First, you must be familiar with the conditioning process and cleaning of fur. It is not like cloth, silk and wool, all of which are cleaned using immersion method. Instead, it makes use of the so-called abrasion method. Ask a fur technician about a special chemical solution. Fill the drum with the solution and then add sawdust. Put the coat inside the drum. Tumble it repeatedly in order to remove odors, oils and dirt. After that, apply a glazing solution into the garment in order to restore its fluffy and soft texture.

It is also good to determine right away whether your coat needs special services. White and light-colored furs usually need special attention. In addition, garments made out of chinchillas, white minks, foxes and ermines need special care because sun exposure usually changes their color. In case special services are necessary, the furrier will use a special whitening agent on your fur coat to restore its original color.

Ask the furrier for the different cleaning options available for your coat. Always choose what is best for your particular type of garment. In order to remove excess moisture, spot clean the coat. In case the coat is exposed to snow or rain, shake the garment and then let it hang in a cool space to dry. Never rub excess water using white cotton cloth. Instead, look for professional services to prevent odors as well as matting.

To maintain the good quality of your coat, experts recommend having it cleaned at least once a year. As much as possible, avoid spilling liquids on your coat as they can damage the quality and appearance of fur. The same thing also goes for perspiration and perfumes. Clean and repair the coat first before storing it within a temperature-controlled location.

Additional Tips and Information

In case of matted fur, never use comb or brush to separate the fur. Instead, try using your fingers. When storing your coat, be sure that the temperature is around 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not use a blow dryer if you want to dry your coat.