How to Clean Brick


Primarily made from ceramic materials, bricks are widely used for pavements, houses and buildings. Many people find them suitable for construction because of their innumerable good qualities. These include satisfactory porosity, high melting point and impressive thermal shock resistance. More importantly, they provide buildings a uniquely beautiful appearance. Despite these advantages, they are more likely to acquire stains and dirt. To solve these problems, it is important to know how to clean brick.

Materials Needed

This particular task can be classified as moderate in terms of difficulty level. The materials for cleaning outdoor bricks are somewhat different from the items necessary for maintaining indoor bricks. To clean outdoor bricks, you need the appropriate cleaning solution, broom and rubber gloves. Likewise, you must also have a garden hose, preferably one that has an attachable spray nozzle. For indoor bricks, prepare a bucket of water, rubber gloves as well as a stiff wire brush. Additionally, get some newspapers and a cleaning solution.


Before cleaning, wear a pair of gloves for hand protection. In case you are about to clean a brick fireplace, use newspapers to cover the surrounding floors. If the bricks need little cleaning, get a broom and then use it to remove loose dirt and dust. Moisten the bricks with water and then gently scrub them. Rinse and wipe them dry afterwards. Be sure to clean all of the bricks without leaving anything behind.

In case the bricks require moderate cleaning, you may need to exert a little more effort. Get the broom and then remove loose dust and dirt. Soon after, moisten the bricks with water and then slowly apply the right cleaning solution. Scrub each block until the entire wall or flooring is clean. Once the bricks are clean, rinse them carefully until there are no more traces of the cleaning solution.

Before treating stains, you must remove debris, dust and dirt from the surface first. Purchase a special stain treatment solution, preferably one that is designed specifically for use in bricks. Slowly apply the solution right onto the stains and then rinse thoroughly.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When the bricks are maintained regularly, there is really no need to conduct heavy cleaning. Instead, light and regular cleaning is necessary to have stain-free, neat looking and beautiful bricks. In addition to the procedures mentioned above, it is good to clean such materials using a special cleaning solution comprised of ¼-cup baking soda, ½-cup vinegar and a cup of ammonia. Add these ingredients in a bucket filled with hot water. Apply this special cleaning solution and be able to enjoy beautiful bricks.