How to Clean an Iron


To have clean and crisp clothes after ironing, regularly cleaning your iron is very essential. Maybe up to this moment you have never experienced cleaning an iron because you don’t have any idea how to do it. No need to worry because this task is not really hard to do and all it takes is a few minutes of your time using tools that are already available at home.

Cleaning Its Reservoir

If there are visible small deposits left on the small holes located on the soleplate then it is time for cleaning your iron. These deposits are white in color like salt and these are minerals from the water you use.

Use white vinegar and a clean cloth in cleaning the reservoir. While the iron is turned off, fill the reservoir with white vinegar up to one-fourth of the way. Turn on the iron to steam setting and steam iron the clean cloth until the vinegar is all gone. Then fill the reservoir with clean water this time and steam iron the cloth once more.

If after this process of cleaning your iron there are still visible deposits in the reservoir, repeat the process over and over again until the deposits are no longer visible.

Wash the reservoir completely with clean water. To prevent the visible deposits from coming back, it is best to use purified or distilled water rather than tap water.

Cleaning Its Soleplate

Soleplates are also prone to occasional dirt build up. In cleaning your iron include the soleplate in the process so that your clothes will not be stained while ironing. Do not use scouring pads and abrasive cleaning powders for the soleplate.

Before cleaning your iron, make sure that it is unplugged to avoid electrocution. Make a sudsy solution using a laundry detergent or a mild dishwashing soap. Dampen a clean cloth, sponge, or nylon mesh pad with the solution and wipe the soleplate with it.

If there are starchy build up or some corrosion on the soleplate, dip the clean cloth in white vinegar to wipe the build up away. Don’t forget to wipe the soleplate clean with a clean cloth dampened with clean water.

Another effective way to cleaning your iron is to heat up a solution of salt and white vinegar until the salt have dissolved. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and use that to wipe away the build up or corrosion on the soleplate. Then wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth dampened with clean water.

Cleaning Its Exterior

Keeping the exterior clean will prevent the unnecessary transmission of dirt onto the clothes you are ironing. Just wipe the exterior with a cloth dampened with water regularly. If there are some residues on the exterior, then wiping it with a clean cloth dampened with a mild dishwashing solution is ideal to do.