How to Clean a Computer


Computers play highly important roles in society. They are now part of everyday life. Despite such importance, they are still subject to wear and tear especially after longer periods. With proper care and maintenance, people can easily enjoy superior performance as well as prolong the life of their units at home. For this and many other important reasons, it is good to know how to clean a computer.


Before cleaning, it is best to shut down the computer first. Remove all the peripherals including the speakers, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Start by cleaning the monitor. Visit electronic stores and buy a special cleaning solution, preferably one that is designed specifically for computer monitors. Pour some of it into a non-abrasive cloth. Never apply the solution directly into the screen. For quicker results, moisten the cloth with water and then wipe off dirt and other impurities.

After the monitor, proceed with the keyboard. Based on scientific research, this specific part of the computer is one of the dirtiest. To clean it, turn it over upside down and then gently tap the keyboard at the bottom part to remove dirt and other foreign materials, which may have been trapped between the different keys. Instead of directly spraying a cleaning solution right onto the keyboard, apply significant amounts in a nice clean cloth. Wipe off each button. To clean the spaces between the keys, you can use compressed air to remove foreign materials.

When cleaning the mouse, simply wipe off the dirt from it. Use a nice clean cloth and ensure that the bottom part of it is free from obstructions. This is advisable for people who use an optical mouse. For those who prefer to use a tracker ball mouse, it is necessary to take the ball off it and then clean it thoroughly. For cleaning the cracks around the buttons and edges of the mouse, a pin or a toothpick can be used conveniently in removing dirt.

The clean the inside parts of your computer, take the casing off slowly. Be careful when cleaning this part, mainly because it is the most sensitive of all. In order to blow the dust away, it is good to use compressed air. You must also clean other important parts, which include the motherboard, the vents on the side and the areas surrounding the fan. Never use liquid solvents to clean the inner parts of your computers.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When cleaning your computer, it is good to unplug it completely. It is also very important not to touch things and disconnect connections that you barely know. Extra caution is needed when handling non-CRT, flat-screen and LCD monitors.