How to Clean a Computer Screen


People use computers a lot. Because of this, these all-important electronic gadgets easily acquire dust and dirt. Fingerprints, stubborn dirt and food residues are just some of the many different factors that can affect how computer screens look. Furthermore, it is harder to see images right off your screens if they are dirty. To enjoy high quality pictures and images, it is good to learn how to clean a computer screen.

Materials Needed

The materials needed for this easy task include a mild detergent solution, which is the primary tool especially in taking out stubborn dirt. It is also good to have an anti-static computer vacuum at hand or compressed air to remove hard-to-reach spots. To achieve highly desirable results, buy a spray cleaner that is specifically designed for computer screens. For wiping off dirt, get a nice, soft and lint-free cloth. With these materials available, cleaning is definitely very easy.


When cleaning electronic devices like computers and their monitors, the power supply must be unplugged. Allow them to cool down first before cleaning. For the outer parts of the monitor, the vacuum can work wonders. Do this step to the slots and holes at the top as well as the cooling grooves. This can help collect debris and heavy dust. If there is no vacuum available, use compressed air instead. The important thing is to eliminate dirt and dust without them falling right into the ventilation holes.

Get a nice clean piece of cloth and then dampen it with a mild detergent solution. Use it to wipe clean the outer plastic parts of the computer monitor. When cleaning the power lines and monitor cables, make sure that all of them are totally disconnected from the power source. Dampen the cloth once again. Use it to wipe off dirt and dust from the lines and cables.

Spray significant amounts of window cleaner right into a lint-free cloth. Use it to wipe off dirt and dust from the computer screen. It is not advisable to spray the solution directly onto the screen. Be sure to wipe the solution right away because it is possible to drip inside and cause significant damage to your computer. It is good to buy a special product called ShopShield computer monitor dust cover, which is specifically designed to protect computer monitors from dust and dirt. This is a really good product because it allows cool air to pass through while filtering dirt and other foreign objects from the monitor.