How to Clean Windows with Vinegar


Do you want to learn how to clean windows with vinegar? Not many people know how to do that.

Well, learning how to clean windows with vinegar isn’t really that hard to do. Many actually use this reliable condiment in the kitchen to clean their windows.

So what do you need to know to learn how to clean windows with vinegar on your own?

To make learning how to clean windows with vinegar more fun and easy for you to do, you better remember to prepare the things that you will use.

So, for starters, you need to have a spray bottle, a cup of white vinegar, two drops of liquid dishwasher soap, a cup and a half of alcohol, a sponge or squeegee, a rubber blade, a dry lint-free rag, and a handful of crumpled old newspapers.

As you can see, you don’t just splash a considerable amount of vinegar on your windows to wash them. A solution would have to be prepared with vinegar.

To do this, just mix the vinegar, dishwasher soap and alcohol. Place this solution in the spray bottle. You can add water to the solution if you like to make it a safer solution to use since this manner of preparing the solution is said to be flammable especially if you use too much alcohol.

Others opt to use a simpler solution with vinegar. That is, they mix equal parts of water and vinegar together and place them in a spray bottle. Typically, that should be about fifty per cent (50%) equal parts of water and vinegar.

You can wipe off some of the dirt or dust on your windows before spraying but that isn’t necessary. Others usually proceed with spraying their windows with the prepared solution. Feel free to do that to make this task easier.

Next thing to do in learning how to clean windows with vinegar is to scrub your windows. Use the squeegee or sponge. You can also skip this step if you notice that your windows are not really very dirty to begin with.

After that, get your rubber blade and start cleaning from the top of the window to the bottom part. This should be done in this manner so you would not forget to miss any part of your windows when you clean.

There are times when you would, perhaps, notice that there would be streaks of the dust and grime that the vinegar solution cuts through as you clean. Don’t worry about this. You can try cleaning that up with a crumpled newspaper. Just go to your window and wipe with the areas with the newspaper to remove any dust or dirt streaks.

As you can see, learning how to clean windows with vinegar can truly save you the headaches and troubles of having to phone someone else to do it for you.