How to Clean Concrete


Concrete is a widely used construction material. It is commonly used in making poles, fences and bridges. Likewise, it is also the primary material for constructing roads, architectural structures as well as pavements. In terms of strength, it is known to possess high levels of compressive strength. Despite these wonderful qualities, this material is subject to wear and tear. More so, it is also subject to dirt buildup and unsightly stains. Here is a quick look on how to clean concrete.

Materials Needed

Overall, this is a moderately easy job. The materials you will need for this task are water hose, pressure washer and broom. If you have these items available, you can now start washing and cleaning any type of concrete out there.


The very first part of this job is to remove all the loose debris and dirt as much as possible. Get the broom and then sweep the concrete thoroughly. In order to remove sticky dirt, find a pressure washer and then use it to wash parts that have heavy stains and stubborn dirt. A good thing about this tool is that there is really no need to use chemicals in order to eliminate dirt and other related problems. Fresh water is enough to get the job done.

Slowly turn the power washer on. Adjust the amount of pressure depending on how much is enough to remove the stickiest dirt, dust and grime. Spray all throughout the concrete, while focusing on some of the dirtiest parts. Apply more pressure and concentrate it on the dirtiest areas. Once the concrete is clean, allow it to dry for some time before you can see the results.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Day after day, dust, dirt and grime continue to pile up on concrete. The longer they stay there, the harder for them to remove. In order to make them loose as much as possible, it is best to wash and clean the concrete for about once or twice in a year. When using the power washer, secure the area first. Ensure that there are no pets and children in the nearby areas. The high water pressure produced by the power washer can actually injure animals as well as kids. For this reason, be cautious when using this all-important material.

Cleaning concrete is actually not an expensive task to do. In fact, there is really no need to purchase a new power washer. Today, countless service centers are offering power washers for rent. This is a cheaper way of cleaning concrete, which only takes at least once or twice a year to maintain.