How to Clean a Coffee Maker


Making coffee is easier and more convenient with the help of a coffee maker. This dependable kitchen appliance is very simple to use and requires very little work. However, it is quite challenging to clean mainly because of the stains as well as the odor that are usually left after brewing coffee. These factors can significantly affect the flavor of your beverage. Furthermore, they can also affect the performance of this important kitchen appliance. In order to enjoy great cups of coffee any time of the day, it is good to learn how to clean a coffee maker.

Materials Needed

To start this easy task, you must have a number of important materials on hand. When cleaning a coffee maker, prepare a kitchen sponge for wiping off dirt and stains. Likewise, prepare a small amount of white vinegar for better results. Of course, you must also have a liquid dish soap, which can actually help eliminate unwanted odor and stubborn dirt. After gathering these simple and easy-to-find materials, you can now proceed with the following steps.


Get the filter basket and then put it in place. After that, get the pot and then mix one part water with one part white vinegar. Pour the mixture right into the coffee maker. Put the pot back to its original place. Turn it on and wait for a couple of minutes. Wait until the mixture goes back right into the pot once again. Switch off the machine. Prepare some warm water and then use it to rinse the filter basket as well as the pot. Return the pot once again to its original position.

Get some clean water and then pour it right into the machine. Turn the switch on right again. Wait until the water drips completely right into the pot. Prepare some clean water and use it to rinse the pot. Put some liquid dish soap into the sponge. Use it to wipe and clean the outer parts of the machine. After that, get some clean dry cloth and then use it to dry the machine.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

A well-maintained coffeemaker produces excellent quality coffee. The taste is more refined and the flavor is richer. In order to enjoy these things, it is good to clean the machine at least once or twice a week. To achieve desirable results, it is good to buy a cleaner, preferably one that is designed especially for coffee makers. While the cleaning can be done at least once a week, make it a daily habit to rinse the filter basket and pot using warm water.