How to Clean Wax Off Apples


When it comes to cleaning wax off apples, you have several options. Listed below, are some of the most effective ways to clean the wax off apples.

Vinegar, Water and Other Solutions

The following are some of the steps you can take to get rid of the wax on apples.

using apple cider vinegar:  Take a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Use a paper towel or clean cloth and wipe the apple with the apple cider vinegar. Wash the apple afterwards. You can also use white vinegar to get rid of the wax.

using warm water: You can also place the apples in a bowl. Add some hot water to the apples. If this method does work in cleaning the wax off the apples, you will be able to see the wax, floating in the water.

using detergent: You can also use a very mild detergent. Mix the detergent with water. Get a brush and using it, gently clean the wax off apples by moving the brush in  a circular motion. Mix equal parts of both water and the detergent. If you are going to use white vinegar and water, the amount must again be equally proportionate. After using the detergent or vinegar, ensure that you wash your apples thoroughly. You do not want the acidic vinegar’s taste to linger and you certainly would not want to taste detergent!

Other Methods to Clean Wax Off Apples

spraying the apples: You can spray the apples if you prefer. Put the apples in a bowl. Put the water or vinegar (or both) in a spray bottle. Spray the apples. Leave them for five minutes. Rinse each apple separately or  pour water in a bowl and put the apples inside the bowl. Make sure you wash the apples thoroughly.

using baking soda: You can also try this recipe for cleaning wax off apples. The materials required include:

  • a couple of tablespoons of baking soda
  • 300ml of water
  • a tablespoon of lemon juice

Mix the above ingredients and wipe the apple with the mixture. Wash the apples properly and check if you have managed to get rid of all the wax.  If it does not work, add another tablespoon of lemon juice to the mixture and repeat the process.

vodka: You can also use vodka to wipe off the wax. You need to wash the apples thoroughly after you wipe it using vodka. Vodka can leave a distinct taste and so, it is very essential to wash it well.

microwave: You can also put the apples in a microwave. Turn it to defrost and leave the apples there for half a minute. Use a paper towel to clean it.

peeling the apples: Although many people do not recommend peeling the apple as you would be removing the vitamin-rich skins, this is yet another option for removing the wax off the apples. You could do this by using a potato peeler. You can also use a hard brush for cleaning wax off apples.

Should the Wax be Removed?

Wax is put on apples so they can be harvested earlier. In addition, it promotes longer storage life. But some believe that the wax contains chemicals that could be dangerous, so it is best to remove them. In particular, it is claimed that pesticides could linger in the wax. This might have some ill effects. Others say that there is no evidence that waxing makes the apple susceptible to microorganisms. For most people, the matter of cleaning the wax off apples boils down to taste. Apples just do not taste as good when the wax remains on them. If you are one of those, consider trying any of the above mentioned methods to get rid of the wax, coating the apples.