How to Steam Clean Rugs



Cleaning rugs is a truly tricky task. Purchasing commercial floor shampoos can cost people a lot of money. The same thing also goes for buying steam-cleaning machines. Of course, it is highly important to keep your rugs clean in order to prevent the buildup of dust, dirt and odor. One of the proven methods against dirty rugs is steam cleaning. Help yourself have neat-looking and well-maintained rugs by knowing how to steam clean rugs.

Materials Needed

A moderately easy project, the process of steam-cleaning rugs usually requires a number of important materials. At some point, you will need a couple of towels, soap and brush. In addition, prepare a large bowl, warm water and vacuum cleaner. Once you have gathered these important items, you can immediately proceed with these easy-to-follow steps.


Prepare the rug for cleaning. Get a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and then use it to scrub out debris and remove dirt from the rug. Try to concentrate on areas that you need to clean. This step is important especially in removing particles found at the surface, which will leave you with ground-in soil to work on. Pour warm water into the bowl. Bring in a bar of soap as well. In addition, get a plastic brush for scrubbing purposes.

Place the brush, soap and warm water next to the dirty rug. Be sure that the water is warm enough to produce more foam for better cleaning. Hold the brush on one hand and then rub it on the soap. After that, dip the brush in warm water. Repeat these steps continuously until it forms a thick wet soapy coating. When choosing the right kind of soap, select something inexpensive because it is enough to get the job done.

Scrub the soapy brush right onto the dirty rug. It is important to scrub the dirty parts well in order to remove stubborn dirt and unsightly stains effectively. Use a clean bath towel over the scrubbed area. Apply some pressure on the towel, which you can easily do either by pushing it by hand or by stepping on it with your feet. This will make deep-seated dirt come off the rug and onto the towel. The transfer of dirt into the towel is easily recognized.

Repeat the towel-stamping and soap-scrubbing method until the whole rug is clean. To rinse the rug, scrub with warm water and then dry with the second piece of towel. When there is no more dirt coming off the towel, it means that the rug is completely clean. Let it dry completely before using. This step may take a number of hours or even overnight.