How to Clean Upholstery


We all invest a lot of money on our home especially on our furniture. This makes cleaning upholstery and fine furniture quite sensible. Taking time to clean these cherished pieces of furniture gives you the assurance of being able to enjoy them longer. Keeping them clean on a regular basis will increase the life of your upholstered furniture. Cleaning upholstery will only require a few basic cleaning items and bit of careful effort.

Needed Equipment

You will need the following basic things in cleaning upholstery and furniture. You’ll need cleaning cloths, one or two electric fans, detergents, dusting brushes, plastic bucket, a vacuum cleaner, plastic scrapers, and a vacuum brush attachment. These will come in handy for basic dirt accumulation on your furniture. However if the stains have stuck real good or if the upholstery shows signs of discoloration or shrinking then you might want to call professionals to their job.

How to Clean Upholstery/Furniture

Go over the following steps in cleaning upholstery and upholstered furniture. The first step to clean upholstered furniture is to remove all loose cushions. It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning your love seat, sofa, couch, or even your favorite chair. You must remove any and all loose cushions and other attachments before you begin cleaning your upholstered furniture. Cleaning will just be made less complicated if you do.

The next step to clean any upholstered furniture is to loosen up any dirt or stain you can find. Use a dusting brush in order to get things done easier. Bring out your vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt that has been shaken off. You should also attach a brush attachment to your vacuum’s hose to help get rid of any loosened dust particles.

Be sure to vacuum all sides and surfaces of the upholstered furniture you’re cleaning. Once you’re done with your main furniture, it’s now time to vacuum the attachments and loose cushions you removed earlier. Reattach these onto your furniture when you’re done.

Here are the steps to cleaning upholstery with deep-seated dirt or stains that brushing and vacuuming alone can’t remove. Using an electric mixer, whip up a cup of warm water and a fourth cup of detergent until it foams. Grab some of this dry foam and apply it to an inconspicuous section of your furniture. If color fading or shrinking occurs, then it’s time to call a professional cleaner to remove deep seated dirt or stains. If none of these occur then apply this to the stained spots or deep seated dirt.

Use a cleaning cloth to rub the suds onto the stains/deep seated dirt. Use a plastic scraper to remove the dirty suds. Rinse the area you cleaned with a damp piece of cloth. Dry your furniture overnight with a fan blowing over it. These are the basic steps to follow when cleaning upholstery and other furniture.