How to Clean Stainless Steel


There are a lot of reasons why stainless steel is quite favored. This is especially true when it comes to cookware and other kitchen equipment. It is well known to resist corrosion. Stainless steel surfaces appear naturally clean and rust free. However, dust, dirt, and grime presents themselves as threats which will eventually lead to rust and corrosion over time. The good news is that all you need to do is to clean stainless steel in order to avoid future predicaments.

Needed Equipment

You’ll need the following to clean stainless steel surfaces and cookware. Bring out a pair of rubber gloves, paper towels, water, non-gel toothpaste, soft cloths that are lint free, water softener, silver polish, and bleach.

How to Clean Stainless Steel

Mix a gallon of hot water, a fourth cup of water softener, and a fourth cup of chlorine bleach. Mix all these up in any non-aluminum container that is big enough. If you have a non-aluminum sink then you can very well just mix them up there.

You can start to clean stainless steel cutlery in this solution. Just leave them soaked in it for 30 minutes. After soaking, just wash these like you usually do. If you prefer to use a dishwasher then by all means use one.

Tough Spots

There will sometimes be tough spots on stainless steel cutlery that soaking can’t take out. Using a soft cloth, apply some toothpaste on these tough spots, rinse, and then dry. If that doesn’t work mix some silver polish with an equal amount of ammonia instead of toothpaste.

Burned Food

Here’s how you clean stainless steel pans with burned food. Fill pan with burned food with water and drop a sheet of dryer fabric softener and let it soak for half an hour. If the burned food on your pan is really bad you might have to soak all night. Burned food will come off easily after soaking.

Discolored Insides

Use tomatoes to get rid of stains on the inside of your pots. Crush a tomato, even ones that you were planning to throw away will work. Place it in the pot, add some water, and simmer for half an hour. Clean your stainless steel pot as usual.

Burned Bottoms

Discolored burned bottoms may be all too familiar. Clean the bottoms using steel wool that you can buy from a hardware store. Buy the ones that are very fine and rub it on the bottoms without soap or water. After you have taken all the burned parts off wash your pots.


You might want to use a sprayer to clean stainless steel surfaces in your kitchen or other appliances. Grab a spray bottle and fill it half full with rubbing alcohol and then fill the rest with water. Use this solution to clean kitchen surfaces and other appliances.