How to Clean Gas Grill Grates


Cleaning gas grill grates should be done every time the unit is used. Here are the things you need to remember when removing dirt and stains.

Basic Cleaning

The clean button you see on most grills doesn’t remove the dirt completely. This function will remove a lot of the stuff in the grill. However that isn’t enough. Make sure to wipe out any stains in the barrier around the burners. Whether it is lava rock or metal plates, wipe off all the dirt. Get rid of any food particles and grease there.

Thorough Cleaning

This needs to be done at least once a year. Before cleaning gas grill grates, disconnect the gas. Remove the grill components piece by piece. Examine the burners for any objects that might obstruct gas flow. Remove any blockages as this will affect the cooking. Clean it. If it’s damaged, get a replacement.

With everything removed, wash it with soap and water. If paint is coming off, apply some paint. Put everything back on when it has dried. Double check all the connections before turning it on. Let the unit reach full heat before cooking. This technique will get rid of any soap remnants.

Grates: Care and Proper Maintenance

It’s important that cleaning gas grill grates be done after each session. Unlike the other components, the grates are different. Regular cleaning will prevent food from getting stuck to it.

There are a lot of cleaning products you can buy. But most of the time, a wire brush will do just fine. It’s recommended that it be cleaned after the grilling session. Start cleaning when the grill has cooled but still somewhat warm. Just use the brush to get rid of the dirt.

For cast iron grate, rub it with some paper towel that’s been dabbed with oil. Cast iron grills need to be checked regularly. They can be susceptible to rust.

Tips and Warnings

To make cleaning gas grill grates even easier, keep the tools nearby. Have the brush, sponge and scraper nearby. A container filled with soap and water should be within reach. However it shouldn’t be too near the grill so as not to contaminate food.

Avoid scrubbing too hard when cleaning components. Don’t use strong soaps. Harsh cleaners can also damage the finish of the grates and other parts.

A little scrubbing will also help keep the warming racks clean. Rinsing the warming racks with warm water is a necessity. Steel wool can also be used for cleaning the racks.

Consider buying a cover for the grill. This should keep the unit protected from extreme weather conditions. Remember that cleaning grates will vary a little. These products may have specific means for removing dirt. It’s crucial that you check the manual for any instructions.

Take care when cleaning stainless steel; generally a sponge is best used. Prepare a mixture of soap and warm water. Dip the sponge there and start cleaning.

Some stainless steel parts may require other cleaning methods. Always check the manual to avoid making mistakes and damaging the product.

Cleaning gas grill grates and other components is critical to keeping it working. With proper maintenance, your gas grill will be able to serve you for many years.