How to Clean a Dryer Duct


One of the most essential cleaning jobs you need to do at home is cleaning the dryer duct and its components. In doing so, your home will be protected from any fire incidents because the fire hazards buildups inside the dryer duct have already been taken out. Below are important information on when, how to, and how often should you be cleaning the dryer duct.

Signs that It’s Time to Clean the Dryer Duct

There are two important signs that you need to watch out for which indicates that it’s already the right time for cleaning the dryer duct.

1. When it takes longer than usual to dry your clothes. Because the dryer duct is not venting out correctly, it will either take more time to dry your clothes or your clothes are still damp after the usual length of time of drying them.

2. Your clothes are too hot to handle. Clothes are suppose to be warm when they come out of the dryer but not too hot to handle with bare hands. If you notice something different with the temperature, then it’s time for cleaning the dryer duct.

How to Clean the Dryer Duct

Here are the ways to clean the dryer duct properly and effectively.

1. Locate the place where the vents do exit outside of your house. Raise the flaps and clean out the deposits of lint completely through the opening. If you notice that the vent won’t raise up correctly, then it may be the right time to replace it with a new vent.

2. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning the dryer duct is not that tedious anymore. Attach the long, narrow, and thin vacuum wand then insert the vacuum into the vent as far as possible. Remove first the lint screen before inserting in the vacuum. The vacuum will take out any loose lint that are collected inside the vent.

3. Dependent on the unit type of your dryer, you may either have to raise the top or open a panel in front of the duct to ensure that all the lint inside the dryer duct are removed completely.

How Often Should the Dryer Duct be Cleaned?

Cleaning the dryer duct should be scheduled once or twice a year or maybe more depending on the quantity of laundry you are doing with it. But an average amount of laundry will require a yearly cleaning for your dryer duct. A clean dryer duct will ensure that your home is safe from potential fires and will lengthen the life of the appliance.