How to Clean Rusty Grill Grates


Grills rely heavily on grates. They tend to perform better and work efficiently if the grates are in tiptop shape. Because they are exposed constantly to liquid substances like food juices and sauces, it is highly natural for them to develop rust. However, this particular problem can be prevented easily especially when equipped with the right information and materials for this easy job. Here is a quick look at the simple procedures for learning how to clean rusty grill grates.

Materials Needed

The materials needed for this task are not that hard to find. Some of these are soft-bristled brush, fine steel wool and WD-40. Furthermore, you must also have machine oil, cream of tartar as well as machine oil. With all these things available, it is very easy to clean rust off your grill grates.


In a clean bowl, mix well the cream of tartar with lemon juice to create a paste. Determine the rusty areas and then apply the mixture on these parts. Leave the solution for about 15 minutes or a couple of minutes more. After that, get the soft-bristled brush and scrub the rust stain off the affected areas. When the scrubbing is over, rinse the grates using cool water. Wipe them dry. In case there are rivets, pour some machine oil on them.

Use the WD-40, which is a water-displacing spray designed to stop the development of corrosion on the grates. More so, this product can also help remove rust and different types of stains. After applying this product, get a dry cloth and then use it to wipe the grates clean. If these steps are not enough, get the fine steel wool and scrub it on the rusty parts. Do it gently in order to prevent scratching and further damage to the grates.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

As much as possible, never expose the grill grates to high humidity. In addition, wipe them dry right away especially after exposure to water and other liquid substances. The use of machine oil is good, particularly for areas that are more likely to rust, mainly because it stops moisture from being in direct contact with the grates.

After taking the rust off your grill grates, there are certain procedures that you can follow, which can actually prevent the redevelopment of rust. When grilling time is over, it is good to cover the cooking equipment right away. This will prevent dust and dirt from settling right on the recently used oily grates. Moreover, always remember to clean the grill as well as its various parts thoroughly before storing it for longer periods. This is quite true upon the arrival of the winter season.