How to Clean Patio Furniture Cushions


Patio furniture cushions are really made specifically for outdoor use. But they can still get dirty especially with mold and mildew if left out in the patio for months. Cleaning them is a good way to preserve and lengthen their life.

Before Cleaning

Check out if there are any particular instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean your patio furniture cushions. There are types of cushions that you can just throw into the washer to be cleaned. There are also other types of cushions that need special cleaning agents to be cleaned.

Cleaning Materials

The following items are needed in cleaning the patio cushions:

– Clean water
– Warm water
– Scrub brush or an old toothbrush
– Dish detergent
– Towels
– Baking soda
– Commercial fabric protector

Basic Ways to Clean Them

1. Take out the patio furniture cushions from the furniture and lay them on a flat surface.

2. Simply wipe the cushions using a damp towel for the surface dirt to be removed.

3. Make a solution consisting of one teaspoon dish detergent and warm water. Get a scrub brush or an old toothbrush and dip it into the solution. Use it to scrub the front and back sides of the patio furniture cushions in a circular manner.

4. Rinse the cushions thoroughly using clean water. If there are still visible stains on the cushions after you have done step number three, then you need to use another cleaning solution. Make a solution consisting of two parts baking soda and one part water. Dip in the solution your scrub brush and scrub the area where the stain is visible. Do it in a circular manner until the stains are gone. Rinse the patio furniture cushions thoroughly and let them air dry.

5. Once the cushions are already dry, it is best to spray on them some fabric protector. Not only will your patio furniture cushions be protected from severe dirt and stains but the next time you will clean them it will be a lot easier.


– Never use any kind of bleach while cleaning the cushions. Place back the cushions to their proper places only when they are totally dry and not damp anymore.

– Remember to occasionally flip the patio cushions from one side to the other.

– When it’s time to store your patio furniture cushions especially in winter time, do not wrap them in plastic. Without air circulation, mold and mildew will grow on the cushions. Make sure that you store them only in a cool and dry place.