How to Clean Mag Wheels


Mag wheels are important parts of automobiles. Just like all the other parts of vehicles, they also need to be cleaned and maintained properly. However, these parts are exposed to numerous factors, which tend to make them quite dirty. Corrosive materials, brake dust and road debris can all cause wear and tear to the wheels. Help extend the life of your wheels as well as improve the overall appearance of your vehicles by learning how to clean mag wheels.

Materials Required

To provide your mag wheels with a newer and shiner look, you will need a number of important materials to get this moderately challenging job done.

  • bucket
  • nozzle
  • water hose
  • a couple of terry cloth rags
  • aluminium wheel cleaner
  • soap
  • heavy-duty brush (helps in removing stubborn dirt, dust and grime)

Steps Involved in Cleaning Mag Wheels

Before cleaning, it is important to check the wheels. The brakes must be cool before starting because spraying cold water on hot brakes can actually warp the rotors. When sprayed with cold water, there is a tendency for hot wheels to develop spotting. Get the water hose and use it to wash away road debris and brake dust from the mag wheels. For higher pressure, simply attach a nozzle at the end of the hose. This can actually help remove dirt and debris much better.

Next, prepare the bucket and then fill it with warm water. Make it look sudsy by adding enough soap to the water. Get one of the terry cloth rags and saturate it with the soapy water. Use this to rub against the surface of the wheels. Slowly, clean them one at a time. Try to take out all the debris and dust. For hard-to-reach crevices, you can use a brush with a relatively long handle enough to reach these spots. Never use a brush that is too abrasive because it can actually cause damage to the mag wheels.

For best results, it is good to use aluminum cleaner on your mag wheels. If your wheels are made up of other metals such as chrome, use the appropriate type of cleaner in order to achieve better results. The wheels look better if they are shiny. In order to do this, remove the tires and then clean the back portion of the tires. Before putting back the tires after cleaning, allow them to dry off completely.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

For aluminum mag wheels, constant maintenance is required, mainly because they have the natural tendency to turn gray quickly due to oxidation. Never use cleaners with ammonia as an ingredient because they can lead to spotting.