How to Clean Plastic Patio Furniture


Outdoor spaces are more pleasant if they have various types of furniture such as plastic seats and tables. In case you have a patio, it is good to place beautiful seats, tables and other fixtures. However, these items are not free from the harmful effects of outside factors such as sun exposure, dust and changing weather. These things are more likely to cause discoloration, stains and dirt buildups. Stop these problems right away by learning how to clean plastic patio furniture.

Materials Needed

Unlike other tasks, this is a very easy thing to do. However, you need to gather first a number of materials to be able to accomplish this job. These include a car paste or a car wax, eye goggles and vinyl gloves. In addition, you must also prepare other things such as sodium carbonate and hose. If you have these things gathered, start cleaning all those dirty plastic chairs and tables right at your patio.


For those who are planning to do this easy task, it is advisable to work when the sun is about to shine all day long. Watch your local news, particularly the weather forecast for the week, and then schedule this activity on a day when rain is least expected. Of course, no one wants to work when the weather is dreary, rainy and cold.

Visit your local hardware store and immediately proceed to the laundry section. Look for sodium carbonate, which is also known by other names like soda ash or washing soda. After purchasing this product, prepare about a gallon of hot water in a nice clean bucket. Add about ½-cup to ¾-cup of the sodium carbonate into the liquid. When handling potentially hazardous materials and irritants, it is best to observe extreme caution.

In order to be completely safe from accidents, it is good to wear eye goggles as well as vinyl gloves for protection. Once ready, place the solution inside a garden sprayer. In none is available, use a towel and a bucket instead. Spray the solution right onto the furniture. You can also apply it using the towel. Allow the solution to stay for some time, approximately about 15 minutes to 30 minutes at most. After that, rinse the plastic tables, chairs and other types of furniture well. Allow them to dry under the sun.

For added protection, it is good to apply a coat of car wax or car paste on them. It can protect them especially from the harmful rays of the sun as well as from the harmful effects of weather changes.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When dealing with potential irritants and hazardous substances, extreme caution is very much needed. Wear protective goggles for your eyes and rubber or leather gloves for hands. Keep children and pets away from such products.