How to Clean an Oven


The oven is one of the most used kitchen appliances at home, probably because baking is part of the regular activities of people all throughout the world. Although this product is dependable and highly durable, there will come a time when it will finally succumb to wear and tear. Rust, dirt and grime can all contribute to its eventual breakdown. To help prolong the life of this all-important kitchen appliance, it is good for people to know how to clean an oven.

Materials Needed

People only need a few simple materials in order to accomplish this moderately easy task. These are sponges, oven cleaner and soft rags. With these three objects available, you can start cleaning the oven and enjoy better performance and longer life from this all-important kitchen appliance.

Procedures for Self-Cleaning

With the help of an automatic oven cleaner, this particular method is always an option. This fast, safe and easy way of cleaning is guaranteed to get your kitchen appliance squeaky clean from the inside out. First, take the racks out of the oven. Next, produce a mixture of soap and water in a large container, preferably in a pail. Soak the racks and then leave them for some time until the dirt and grime loosen up.

Switch the automatic oven cleaner on. Be sure to check if the door of the oven is locked and then switch the function to ‘clean.’ Let the oven clean itself for some time. For a few hours, allow it to heat up. This will char off dirt and grime, particularly baked-on foods and residues.

Procedures for a Faster Way of Cleaning the Oven

Just like the other cleaning method, take the racks out of the oven and then soak them in a pail with soap and water. Let them stand in the water for some time. Set the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. After at least 10 minutes to 20 minutes, turn it off. Spray the insides of the kitchen appliance with significant amounts of oven cleaner. There are various brands of heavy-duty and dependable oven cleaners available, one of which is Mr. Muscle. Let the solution stay for at least 10 minutes. Get the damp sponge and then use it to wipe off the cleaner, together with the nasty dirt and grime inside.

Rinse the sponge frequently to obtain good results. After that, use soft cloth to dry the inner part of the oven. Likewise, use the cloth to wipe the racks dry and then return them to their original position. When this kitchen appliance is clean, it is guaranteed to function better.