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How to Clean Vinyl Siding | How to Clean Vinyl Siding – How To Clean It

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

The use of vinyl siding can make a house improve its aesthetic value. Furthermore, it also helps protect against the undesirable effects of changing weather. Primarily, its purpose is to shed water. However, it has a tendency to get dirty because of innumerable factors such as constant exposure to the sun, dust and dirt. Help maintain the beauty of your home by learning how to clean vinyl siding.

Materials Needed

After some time, you will need to clean the vinyl siding of your house. Although it is a highly durable construction material, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. Be able to prevent these problems from happening by gathering the different important materials and tools to get this moderately easy job started. These include soap, cleaning solution and long but soft-bristled brush. Additionally, things are much easier if you have a pressure washer and plastic sheeting.


Before cleaning, determine first whether the walls are truly made out of vinyl siding. Do not mistake this particular material with painted wood, aluminum siding and cement fiber. These materials need different types of cleaning methods. When cleaning, remember not to smear stains and dirt to the texture surface of vinyl siding. To do this, use a long but soft-bristled brush. If none is available, it is also possible to use soft cloth.

Get a large bucket and then prepare the cleaning solution. Mix a part of chlorine bleach with three parts of water. For tougher stains and stubborn dirt, other alternatives include reliable products such as Simple Green, Fantastik or just any liquid soap out there. When cleaning vinyl siding, it is good to start from the bottom all the way to the top. By doing this, the running and streaking of stains can be avoided easily.

When rinsing, it is good to start from the top all the way down. In case there are bricks along the way, apply some sheeting on them to prevent staining. Rinse well until there are no traces of cleaning solutions left.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

For stubborn stains as well as hard-to-reach areas, it is best to use pressure washers when cleaning vinyl siding. With the help of leading commercial products, it is very easy to stop the development mold and mildew. Be careful with the cleaners that you use. Significant damage to the vinyl siding is possible when using inappropriate products such as furniture cleaners, liquid grease remover and organic solvents. Use proper safety gears when cleaning like protective goggles and rubber gloves.

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