How to Clean a Gas Stove Top


Cooking is more enjoyable when people do it in a well-maintained, clean and clutter-free kitchen. In this type of setting, things are more organized and easier to find. To make your kitchen highly conducive for cooking, people can do many different things, one of which is to learn how to clean a gas stove top. With ample information and the right materials available, you can easily do this very easy task and be free from various kinds of elements including food particles, grime and grease.

Materials Needed

There are a number of materials needed to perform this easy task. Some of these are liquid detergent, a nice clean cloth and rubber gloves. Aside from these items, prepare other important things such as a steel wool scouring pad and an expired plastic credit card. In addition, you must also bring in ammonia, Q-tips and cleanser. After gathering these items, you can make your first move towards a clean and well-maintained gas stove top by following these simple steps.


Before cleaning, be sure to switch off the gas stove top burners. Allow the different parts to down first before doing this simple and easy task. To protect your hands from burns and other possible dangers, it is good to wear protective gears like cotton or rubber gloves. Cleaning is definitely easier if done on a regular basis. Every after use, it is advisable to clean this all-important cooking equipment using liquid detergent and damp cloth. This will help remove and loosen food particles and other kinds of dirt.

Make it a regular habit to remove food particles and grease that are usually found underneath glass stove top. Get the expired plastic credit card and then swipe it through areas that are hard to reach. For better results, cover the card with a piece of moist cloth before swiping it through hard-to-reach areas. Fill a pail with relatively hot water and then put some of the liquid detergent.

Get the grates and then soak them right into this soapy solution. This important step will help you dissolve grease and loosen food particles. Use the steel wool scouring pad to remove residue. Rinse with clean water and then wait for them to dry. In order not to damage the spark ignition, it is good to leave the caps and burner heads in place as you clean the burner bowls. Moisten Q-tips and apply small amounts of detergent. Use them to clean crevices and remove lodged residues.

To clean the other detachable parts, simply remove these components and then soak them in ΒΌ-cup ammonia. After a number of hours, wash them thoroughly. Rinse and allow them to dry for some time. Use the same soapy water to clean the knobs. Rinse and then allow the knobs to dry before returning them in place.