How to Clean a Plasma Screen


Plasma screens are very expensive and counted as one of the valuable items at home. As an owner, you should spend some time in a regular basis to cleaning your plasma screen to take off the fingerprints, dusts, and dirt on the surface of the screen. To prevent damage on your expensive plasma screen, it is necessary that you know the correct and effective way to clean it.

Steps in Cleaning Your Plasma Screen

1. Consult the manual of your plasma screen. There are specific products and methods illustrated in there that are best suited for the model of plasma screen you have.

2. It is recommended that you turned off and unplugged the TV before you begin the cleaning regimen. Give some time for the plasma screen to cool down so that you won’t be hurt when you touch the screen because plasma screens generate more heat compared to LCD screens. If you are already cleaning your plasma screen while it is still hot, then cleaning solutions will just evaporate before you have even start wiping the screen.

3. To remove the smudges and fingerprints on the screen surface, wipe them away using a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not ever use any wood-based products such as tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper in cleaning your plasma screen because they will leave some scratch marks on the screen surface.

4. For spots with stubborn dirt, cleaning your plasma screen with a liquid cleaning solution is allowed. Spray a small amount of cleaning solution on the soft cloth and use it to wipe the stubborn dirt away. Remember to spray only on the cloth and not spray directly on the screen. Dampen only the cloth and never wet the cloth to the point that it is already dripping with the solution. For the cleaning solution, make sure that it is specifically designed for plasma screens and there is no ammonia or alcohol in its contents. After wiping the screen with the damp cloth, follow immediately with a dry, clean cloth.

5. With the aid of your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment, remove the accumulated dust from the vents of your TV placing the suction power setting to the lowest. These vents are the outlets of your plasma screen for the heat to dissipate from the TV therefore these vents need to be cleared from any blockage like dusts and dirt.


– In cleaning your plasma screen, wipe the surface gently and do not apply hard pressure on the screen.

– If you can find commercial cleaners that are specially designed for plasma screens that are anti-static, then use that to clean your plasma screen. Anti-static cleaners will help prevent the dust from accumulating to the surface of the screen once the cleaning is done.