How to Clean Upholstery


Cleaning the upholstery doesn’t just get rid of stains; it can prolong the life of the material itself. Here are the things you’ll need to eradicate dirt and dust.

Required Tools and Materials

Dusting brush
Electric fans
Vacuum brush attachment
Electric mixer
Mask (optional)

Dusting the Upholstery Furniture

Take out the cushions. Use the dusting brush to get rid of the dirt. Avail of the vacuum brush if needed. Vacuum and dust the whole area. Start at the front and go all the way to the sides, back, top and bottom. Double check to make sure there is no more dirt. Put the cushions back in place.

Wear a mask when dusting off dirt. Too much dust may cause sneezing or eye reddening. You can also wear gloves. Use the scraper when needed.

Using the Detergents

Resume cleaning the upholstery furniture by applying some detergents. Combine one fourth cups of detergent with a cup of warm water. You can use laundry or liquid dish detergent. Use the electric mixer to combine them. Keep mixing until the liquid starts to resemble whipped cream.

Note: do some testing first. Dab a piece of cloth in the mix. Apply a bit of it on the furniture. If there’s color fading, you need to take it to a repair shop. If fading doesn’t happen, proceed.

The Cleaning Process

Get a clean piece of cloth and dip in the mix. Wipe away the dirt. Keep cleaning the upholstery furniture for as long as dirt is on the suds. Replace the cloth if necessary. Use an electric fan to dry it.

Using Hot or Cold Water

Hot or warm water is used for cleaning the furniture itself and blood. For other stains, cold water is recommended.

Tips and Warnings

The type of stain and fabric will determine what cleaning method you use. Most of the time, damp cloth with water will do just fine. You can also buy commercial cleaners.

There are several types available in the stores. Remember though; some fabrics need dry cleaning. Others use the wet approach. Read the guide that came with the furniture just to be sure.

You can use household items for cleaning the upholstery. Mix some baking soda with white vinegar and pour on the upholstery. Use a cloth to wipe it clean. Some like to use salt with water. Again, check the fabric to make sure it won’t get damaged in the process.

Most like to use vinegar though. It doesn’t just clean, but it also removes smells. This makes it very handy when cleaning pet urine and food / drink stains. Salt with water is more effective in getting rid of wine stains.

Cornstarch or flour is best used for eliminating grease and oil. Pour the cornstarch over it. Leave it there for half an hour and then vacuum.

The ways of cleaning the upholstery and the furniture are numerous. You can use commercial or homemade solutions. The important thing to remember is that you have plenty of choices.