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How to Clean Grout | How to Clean Grout – How To Clean It

How to Clean Grout

A widely used construction material, grout has a number of important functions such as sealing joints, filling voids and connecting sections of pre-cast concrete. More than anything else, it is closely associated with tiles. Comprised mainly of sand, cement and water, this material is subject to dirt buildups as well as stubborn stains. Help solve these problems by knowing how to clean grout.

Materials Needed

Cleaning grout on tile floors is moderately easy. First, you need to prepare a number of important materials such as hot water, spray bottle and an old toothbrush. Next, bring in a mop, baking soda and vinegar. Once you have these things, you can start cleaning any kind of grout right away.


Get the spray bottle and then fill it with a simple cleaning solution, which is comprised of half vinegar and half hot water. Bring in some baking soda and pour some of it directly on the grout. Apply some of the solution by spraying it directly on the dirty areas. Scrub and clean the grout thoroughly, preferably using a toothbrush. The harder you scrub the better chance of removing stubborn dirt as well as stains.

If the stains and dirt do not come off after doing these steps, apply more baking soda and the simple cleaning solution right onto the dirty grout once again. Scrub these areas harder until the dirt and unsightly stains come off completely. After scrubbing all of the grout, get the mop and then sweep the floor for loose dirt and debris.

When the cleaning process is finished, let the floor dry entirely. Inspect and search for wet spots and other moist areas. If there is still dirt and stains in some parts of the grout, simply repeat the previous steps until you achieve a highly desirable result.

Additional Steps and Other Helpful Information

Extreme caution must be observed when cleaning grout. Keep children and pets away, especially from hot water to avoid scalding. It is also good to protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves. For your eyes, never be lazy to wear protective goggles to keep your eyes safe all throughout the cleaning process.

While cleaning, it is advisable to open the windows for the purpose of ventilation. When the windows are open, people are less likely to suffocate, particularly when using special chemicals and other products that are harmful to people. Some special products are also available, particularly those that are specifically designed for grout. Many experts recommend the so-called Groutrageous Grout and Tile Rinse.

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