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How to Clean Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are highly sensitive objects, which make it a very tricky job to maintain them. The real beauty of these wonderful artworks can only be seen if they are properly maintained. Learn how to clean oil paintings and improve the overall value of these beautiful artistic creations.

How to Clean a Penny

The right technique can make cleaning pennies a simple task. Restore the shine and luster of your pennies with some tried and tested methods. Try various procedures for cleaning pennies and turn those rusty coins into shiny pieces once again.

How to Clean Seashells

Polishing seashells will usually require grinding off their outer layer, thus, diminishing their value. An alternative to polishing is to clean seashells. All it takes is a bit of work and patience and a bit of mineral oil to bring out the natural shine of your seashells.

How to Clean Antique Bronze

There are many methods you can try for cleaning antique bronze. Restore the bronze’s shine by using the appropriate cleaning procedures. Discover different means for cleaning antique bronze and bring back its luster and color.

How to Clean a Pistol

Cleaning the pistol is necessary to keep it working. Prevent your pistol from rusting with some essential tips and safety information. Get the facts about cleaning the pistol and keep it working for several years.