How to Clean Hardwood Floors


Many people love to have hardwood floor inside their houses for so many different reasons. Aside from aesthetic value, this type of flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. However, things can go wrong if you lack the appropriate knowledge especially in terms of caring for such beautiful, elegant and highly sensitive flooring. Make your homes more beautiful by learning how to clean hardwood floors.

Materials Needed

This task is moderately easy. It only requires a number of materials to get this job done. First, find a bucket and mop for cleaning hard-to-remove dirt. Next, find some high quality white vinegar, which can actually add to the shiny and clean appearance of your floors. Last, do not forget to get a broom, which is perfect for removing loose dirt and dust. Once you have these important things, you can now start cleaning your hardwood floor.


Part of maintaining this type of flooring is regular dusting. Get the broom and then dust the floor off first. It is highly important to remove as much dirt and grime as you can. Instead of using a broom, a vacuum cleaner serves as a wonderful alternative. It is faster and easier to use than your regular broom. Once the floor is free from dust and grime, put at least a gallon of warm water in a bucket. Add at least ½-cup of vinegar. The use of white vinegar in cleaning this type of flooring is guaranteed to work better than using water alone.

Do not use extremely hot water as this could damage the quality and appearance of the floor. Get the mop and then soak it in the water. Sweep the entire floor. Apply more pressure on dirty parts in order to ensure good results. Do not pour too much water as this can also cause significant damage to wooden flooring. Afterwards, dry the floors using a dry mop. In areas that are not that wet, you can omit this step. To maintain the best look for your floors, it is good to do this task as least once a week.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Never mop the floor daily because it can cause damage to it. Likewise, just to be sure that vinegar is safe to use on your wooden floors, try to apply the water and white vinegar mixture first at one specific spot only. In case there is damage, do not use the mixture. Instead, try cleaning the floor with just plain water. Always be careful when cleaning because the floor can be very slippery especially when wet.