How to Clean Carpeting


There are many ways for cleaning the carpet, and the methods you choose will depend on the degree of dirt present. For general cleaning, the vacuum will do just fine. If there’s more dirt, you’ll need more equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Rubber gloves
Carpet shampoo
Carpet cleaning kit
Vacuum cleaner

Get a Steamer

A steamer is a device used specially for carpets. You can buy these in the hardware store or just rent one. This item will have all the necessary accessories when you purchase it. Read the instructions before using it.

Starting the Cleanup Process

Start by vacuuming the floor. Try to be as thorough as possible so much of the dirt will be removed. The next step to cleaning the carpet is to spray the dirty areas.

You will use ether a prespray or cleaner. You can use the shampoo too. However the spray is much more effective in cleaning the grimy areas.

Fill the machine hose with hot water. Follow the directions for using the shampoo with the machine. Use a water extraction pass twice. This would be when the spray is on and after it is turned off. Hold the carpet. Repeat the extract if droplets are present. If there aren’t, you did it right.

Allow the carpet to dry throughout the night. Do not step on it. Use fans to hasten this process. You can also open the windows.

Tips on Cleaning the Carpet

Take out any furniture resting on the carpet before cleaning it. Move these as far away as possible since they might get wet. Always read the instructions thoroughly before using any cleaning solutions.

Run the machine in a back and forth manner. Make sure to cover the entire carpet area. If you don’t do this, the result will be uneven. Run the machine several times if there is a lot of dirt. The machine will notify you when the water needs to be replaced. Change it when you get the signal.

Getting Rid of Urine Stains

Spray cleaners can eliminate urine stains. However you can also use white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning the carpet. Just mix the two and pour in the spot. Allow the foam to rise and settle. Afterwards you can vacuum and use a detergent to get rid of any smell.

Getting Rid of Stains and Odors

For liquid stains, put paper towel on the area immediately. Do not press it in firmly because the liquid will just get embedded some more. Just put the paper towel there. Clean it using any of the methods suggested earlier.

If the carpet smells, take it out of the room and allow it to dry. Wash it with soap and water. Place it outside the house and let the sun dry it up. This method should get rid of food stains.

Even without any stains or smells, cleaning the carpet should be done on a regular basis. This will prevent dirt from clogging up and make the task a little easier.